We deliver our services through two distinct programmes;

1. Life Skills Development (LSD)

Activities which come normally to human beings pose huge challenges for special children. These include the following;

  • Performing activities of daily living
  • Cognitive skills
  • Mobility
  • Body awareness
  • Communicating & following instructions

We work with children in the following areas to teach them skills which enable them to handle personal needs on their own.

  • Activities of Daily Living(ADL)
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Personal Safety and Security
  • Home management & Housekeeping
  • Cooking & Catering
  • Education ( 3 R’s)
  • Computers
  • Gardening
  • Art & Craft

Activities of Daily Living (ADL): Children are taught to do the following routine activities on their own.

  • Eating
  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Toileting
  • Personal care and hygiene
  • Getting in and out of bed or chair easily (transferring)
  • Controlling bladder and bowel movements (maintaining continence)
  • Opening clothes Buttons
  • Filling water can
  • Washing clothes
  • Identifying toilets of their gender
  • Managing time etc

Interpersonal Skills: At Khushboo, children develop their social skills to:

  • Ask for assistance
  • Make new friends
  • Communicate clearly to have their needs addressed
  • Hold conversations with friends and family
  • Give their opinions

Personal Safety and Security: A very important life skill, special children are taught safety measures. They learn:

  •   Kinds of risks they may face
  •   How to avoid tricky/unsafe situations
  •   Awareness on personal safety
  •   Sense of right conduct
  •   Deterring unwelcomed behaviour
  •   Difference between good and bad touch
  •   Safety precautions from fire, or sharp instruments such as knives or scissors

Home Management and Housekeeping: This skill is important in everyone’s life, more so for special children. Performing household tasks builds their abilities to work on their own and also be of help to their families. A big factor in building interpersonal relationships too, children gain self-worth and respect from their families. Amongst other skills, our children learn:

  •   Cleaning
  •   Dusting
  •   Table laying
  •   Bed making
  •   Ironing
  •   Setting up almirah
  •   Folding clothes
  •   Money Management (Familiarization with notes and coins and doing transactions while shopping)

Cooking and Catering: Children who have a little better ability are taught these skills so that they can be of help to their families.

Education: Khushboo ensures that our children learn basic academics to the extent possible. The focus is on the following:

  • Colouring
  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Crafting waste material into useful products


2. Therapeutic Services

Children under our care have serious medical afflictions. Hence, these services from the core of our work. Following interventions are carried out by us;

  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational Therapy with multi sensory integration
  • Hearing & Speech Therapy
  • Performing & Expressive Arts ( Music & Dance)
  • Psychiatry & Counselling
  • Pottery
  • Yoga
  • Sports


This intervention aims at:

  • Strengthen and recuperate weak muscles through weight bearing exercises
  • Enhance leg muscle capacity with standing programs
  • Enable mobility with programs such as walking and the wheelchair use
  • Identify and meet orthopaedic needs
  • Based on the individual development plan a physiotherapy schedule is drawn for the child.

The therapists work closely with the children and;

  • Assess the need for aids - such as standers, wheelchairs, or any other orthotic devices.
  • Help the child and family to become familiar with the required equipment.
  • Conduct group sessions with other professionals.
  • Advise supplementary home activities to caregivers after training them.
  • Hold quarterly meetings with parents
  • Assist the child reach his/her developmental milestones that requires gross motor skills, like sitting, crawling, standing, walking, jumping, kicking ball, etc.
  • Facilitate to achieve the desired goals through manual therapy, frame standing, standing bars, tilt table, parallel bar training, balance training, muscle stimulator etc

Occupational Therapy with multi sensory integration:

Developing skills that are a must for daily living is the main objective of this intervention. Designed to improve basic motor functions and reasoning skills, the program helps prevent permanent loss of functions. The intervention uses methods such as multi-sensory stimulation and integration to:

  • Help eat properly through oral-motor Exercises
  • Teach new activities through Imitation Techniques
  • Improve tactile sense through Touch therapy sessions
  • Tone up Body Balance through exercises like jumping, climbing stairs etc.
  • Improve Motor Skills by picking and releasing small objects
  • Improve Concentration & Attention through clear commands
  • Cutting of flowers for improving hand- eye coordination

Hearing & Speech Therapy:

This intervention helps in improving speech of the children, and their ability to understand and express, including nonverbal cues. Our therapists work to;

  • Test hearing ability of children
  • Assess the problems and provide treatment.
  • Identify difficulties in articulation, fluency, resonance, or language disorders.
  • Demonstrate the right sounding words and practise with children to follow same using computer/ tablet.
  • Ensure proper mouth coordination to produce sounds to form words and sentences
  • Help with voice volume regulation.
  • Address language disorders to help children express their thoughts
  • Use of written, pictorial, body and sign forms to help children develop their understanding.
  • Practise on computers and iPads with special software applications to develop children’s speech.

Psychiatry and Counselling

At Khushboo, counselling is an important and an integral part of the care process. Good bonding with family plays an important role in a child’s rehabilitative progress and this is exactly what this intervention does.

The process of counselling involves:

  • Understanding child’s uniqueness, identifying their strengths and their struggles
  • Developing a partnership between the teachers and the parents to bring desired changes in the child
  • Facilitating learning of new skills and trying new behaviours
  • Since the parents and the children struggle with challenges in everyday living, acquiring new skills lead to improvement in the quality of the life of children as well as the parents.



This unique therapeutic intervention settles and calms children. It also manages to hold their attention for a longer duration and helps them focus. Pottery enhances a child’s sensory development and motor skills. A pottery expert visits Khushboo to guide our children in the art of making diyas, pots, pen holders, and other clay items. Full of creative joy, this intervention boosts our children’s confidence levels.


Where conventional treatment methods reach their limits, yoga has shown remarkable results at different levels. Children with Down syndrome and other Development Disability often surprise their families and teachers with quick mastery of basic motor, communication, and cognitive skills through practice of yoga.

Regular yoga leads to a greater concentration, balance , and composure in daily living, and long term gains include relaxation and softening of inner tensions, body –mind equilibrium, and a feeling of energetic buoyancy to carry through even the most difficult days

At Khushboo we ensure children practise yoga asanas (postures), pranayam (breathing exercises) and listen to meditative music – using phonetics for healing. A yoga teacher oversees the session and conducts beneficial asanas for each individual case. After the session, children clean their yoga mats and keep them neatly rolled for the next class. Each day children attend their yoga class for one hour which has been formally included in the curriculum.

Performing and Expressive Arts:

Dance and music is a great way to encourage muscle movements and greater joint mobility. They not only improve muscle tone, spatial awareness, and kinaesthetic sensation, but also stimulate endorphins and facilitate social skills.

These activities are specially tailored to meet individual needs, capabilities, and have the highest level of participation- so much that children eagerly look forward to these sessions.


A new sports program aimed at “Learn while playing” was introduced with the help of an expert. The programme enables children to learn things like following instructions, waiting for their turn, develop alternate solutions etc. This has further enhanced the confidence level of the children. Apart from this, children with little more capabilities are provided with special coaching to participate in competitive sports. Some of our children have done us proud by winning prizes at National and International level competitions.

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